Doctor's Order's

30ml $18

Nicotine 0, 3, 6


RX 1

French Toast

RX 3

Fruit Bar


RX 2

Sweedish Fish

RX 4


Kilo Liquid

30ml $23

Nicotine 0, 3, 6


Cereal Milk

Fruity Cereal and Milky Cream

Killberry Yogurt

Yogurt and Mixed Berries


Dewberry Cream

Honeydew Cream with hints of Mixed Berry

True Blue

Sweetened Blueberry Custard

Fruit Whip

A medley of Apple, Pears, Berries and Tropical Fruits with a splash of whipped cream

Kilo Black Series

60ml $30

Nicotine 0, 3, 6


Honey Cream

Smooth Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a hint of Sweet Honey

Birthday Cake

Yellow Cake layered with Creamy Frosting and Rainbow Sprinkles


Apple Pie

Caramelized Apples mixed with a slightly Spiced Cinnamon and a Flaky Pastry Crust

Milk and Cookies

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and a side of Milk

Kilo White Series

60ml $25

Nicotine 0, 3, 6


Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon baked into rich buttery rolls, drizzled with velvety white frosting.

Marshmallow Crisp

Toasted Rice Cereal with Marshmallow


Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Ice Cream

White Chocolate Strawberry

Strawberries dipped in White Chocolate